Payne Gets PG-13 & Alternate Cut

“Max Payne” director John Moore has won his fight and secured a PG-13 rating for the video game adaptation reports Shack News.

Initially rated R by the MPAA, Moore strongly criticized the MPAA in an interview – calling the ruling unjust. Moore and crew “trimmed some frames more for the sake of trimming frames” and the film will now open with the PG-13.

The director also tells Game Daily that he is planning a “Gamer Dedicated Cut” of the film:

“It’s a little slower and a little more atmospheric. There are some rougher edges on it, but it’s not going to be a bloodfest. I want this to be the Max Payne that I set out to shoot. It’s not that I wanted to release one version in the theaters and make a cheap buck by following up with a blood-drenched DVD version. The movie you see in the theaters will be an intense experience and the movie you see on DVD will be as intense an experience with some extra sensibilities for people who really adore the game.”