Paulo Coelho’s Books Become A TV Series

FremantleMedia North America, Random House Studio and Dancing Ledge Productions are teaming up to develop a TV drama series based on three iconic books of Brazilian author Paulo Coelho (“The Alchemist”).

Exploring themes and characters from his novels “The Devil and Miss Prym,” “Brida” and “The Witch of Portobello,” the crime thriller follows a young priest who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. He’s ostracized by his church, a fugitive from the law, and hunted by a powerful crime family.

At the same time, a CIA agent chasing him discovers mysterious powers, and a more profound connection to the priest than she ever thought possible. Coelho will introduce each episode and share thoughts on its themes. He also will be involved with the creative development of the project with a showrunner currently being sought to pen the adaptation.

Dante Di Loreto and Peter Gethers executive produce. FremantleMedia North America, which created the “American Gods” TV series adaptation, is also developing the “Astro City” comics into a live-action drama series.

Source: Deadline