Paul Haggis Works In The “Third Person”

Paul Haggis (“Crash,” “The Next Three Days”) tells The Los Angeles Times that his next project will be another ensemble drama along the lines of his Oscar-winning 2005 effort “Crash”.

Entitled “Third Person”, the story follows three different couples living in different countries and explores issues of romance rather than race. To allow for a deeper exploration of each character, ‘Third’ will follow only the three storylines rather than the six or so employed in “Crash”.

The idea is to do a serious story about modern relationships set against scenic locales, two of which will be New York City and Rome. The tone will be much darker than current romance ensembles like “Valentine’s Day”, and one of the characters will be a writer.

Haggis hasn’t taken the project to a studio yet and hopes to do the project without one, thus giving him more artistic freedom.