Paul Haggis Pens “The Equalizer”

Having just worked together on the upcoming thriller “The Next Three Days”, writer/director Paul Haggis (“Crash,” “In the Valley of Elah”) and actor Russell Crowe could be re-teaming for “The Equalizer” at Escape Artists says The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on the late 80’s CBS television series, Crowe is attached to star as Robert McCall, a former operative of a covert intelligence organisation who seeks redemption for his dark past via offering his services to those being persecuted and in need of help.

In the series, McCall brought justice to various hoodlums, killers, dealers, rapists and other scum on the streets of New York City. He also performed assignments for the head of his former organisation, and dealt with his estranged son.

Haggis is attached to tackle the script though is not going to direct at present. That could change however as the one project he is attached to direct, “Ranger’s Apprentice”, is setup at United Artists and has stalled due to MGM’s financial difficulties.

Crowe, Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch, Tony Eldridge, Mace Neufeld, Michael Sloan and Alex Siskin will produce.