Paul Anderson Directing Spy Hunter

Paul W. S. Anderson has signed on to direct and relaunch Universal Pictures’ action project “Spy Hunter,” based on Midway Games’ popular 1980s arcade game.

Anderson will soon script a treatment that a scribe will then adapt into “Hunter’s” script. It’s expected it will be Anderson’s follow-up project to the remake of “Death Race 2000” which begins shooting in August.

John Woo and The Rock had previously been attached to a big-budget version of “Hunter” that fell apart due to budgetary reasons.

“Hunter” is an action/driving game featuring the G-6155 Interceptor, a fictitious car that is beset by a wide array of enemy vehicles.

Chuck Gordon, Adrian Askarieh (“Hitman”) and Jeremy Bolt are serving as producers. Anderson remains attached to produce the video game adaptation “Castlevania.”