Patty Jenkins Sought For “Jungle Cruise”

In a new profile piece on “Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins, the Associated Press reports that the helmer is being targeted for another gig – directing the Dwayne Johnson-led film adaptation of the Disney ride “Jungle Cruise”.

“Wonder Woman” is only Jenkins’ second theatrical feature. In recent years she’s been known for TV including episodes of “Entourage,” and directing the pilots of “The Killing” remake and ABC’s “Betrayal”.

Speaking about filming the superheroine film, Jenkins says her time on TV prepared her for big-budget filmmaking: “A pilot that you shoot in 9 days for $10 million ends up being a very big parallel to this. It’s the same dollar per day. So many men have crossed over… it’s the same job, just on a larger scale.”

Her work on “Wonder Woman” and TV are good enough that Johnson says he’d like Jenkins to direct “Jungle Cruise”: “Patty has that really cool edge. I felt like she could be a really cool choice for a movie like ‘Jungle Cruise.’ Plus, you know what? I’m just a big fan.”

Johnson says that he’s not even sure if Jenkins knows about his interest yet as the project is in very early stages with a short list still to get through.