Pattinson Goes Shirtless In “New Moon”

I’ll admit it up front, that headline is a pure sensationalist bit of wordplay designed to get hits from mostly teen girls and their Edward-obsessed mothers.

Robert Pattinson has bared his torso for filming on “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” currently underway in Italy and photos have gone up at Just Jared. There’s also shots of a steamy kissing scene with co-star Kristen Stewart.

Haven’t read the books so not sure of the scene, but for those wondering – the six pack ab lines are painted on ala “300” (though Pattinson has gotten in good shape it looks like), as are those black dots all over him which are apparently visual effects reference points.

Their inclusion means it’s hard to say what the final shots will look like, lets just say that if this scene is included in the Comic-Con footage I know the screaming response will literally send me deaf.