Pascal’s “Wonder Woman 1984” Role Revealed?

Pascals Wonder Woman 1984 Role Revealed

“Wonder Woman” filmmaker Patty Jenkins appears to have solved one lingering question about the upcoming sequel to that celebrated 2017 DC comics adaptation – the identity of actor Pedro Pascal’s character.

We’ve known from early on Gal Gadot would return as Diana, Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor (though how is unclear), Kristen Wiig is playing the villainous Cheetah, and Pascal was…undisclosed.

Then a photo of Pascal’s character in “Wonder Woman 1984” emerged suggesting he was playing some sort of businessman with suggestions from fans ranging from Morgan Edge to Maxwell Lord. Jenkins has now seemingly confirmed the latter character is in the film and the picture she shared is an allusion to Pascal.

In the comics, Maxwell Lord is a criminal mastermind with the superpower of persuasion and in a famed storyline from the comics she snaps his neck after one of his most fiendish acts. In any case, it certainly suggests Pascal’s Lord will be the mastermind villain of the film.

“Wonder Woman 1984” arrives in theaters on June 5th 2020 with a trailer expected next month.