Parker Up For Sex Sequel In 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker tells MTV News that not only a potential storyline, but a start date is already in order for a “Sex and the City” movie sequel.

Rumors have swirled that filming could kick off as early as next Summer for a May 2010 release – “I think it’s a realistic timetable. That’s when we’d start shooting to be out in 2010. But that means we need to figure this out in the next couple of months.”

Parker says she and writer/director Michael Patrick King have discussed many potential stories but have agreed on one in particular – “We’re at the place where…we think we have this story and how do we put this together and are we completely sure that it’s the right thing to do?.”

Thankfully that story will NOT include a baby – “[Motherhood] doesn’t seem as if that’s going to be a choice she’ll make. It feels a little bit manipulative to toss that into the mix because she seems so pointed in a different direction.”

Despite the studio’s keen desire to move forward, she also wants to remain protective of the property – “I would do these forever but is it right for the audience? Is this the story that we can tell well? These are the questions I have to ask myself or I’m not being fair to the franchise. That’s where we are.”