Parker Posey Is Dr. Smith In “Lost In Space”

Parker Posey has joined the cast of Netflix’s remake of Irwin Allen’s 1965 cult sci-fi TV classic “Lost In Space” which Legendary TV will produce.

The story revolves around one family, one pilot and one stowaway who are searching for the only thing that matters in deep space – the way home.

The Robinson family, stranded light years from their intended destination, soon find themselves battling a strange new alien environments and their own personal demons.

Posey will play said stowaway, Dr. Smith, who in the original was responsible for them becoming lost and was a catalyst for the disasters that befell the crew. Jonathan Harris memorably played the scene-stealing role in the original series while Gary Oldman played the part in the 1998 film adaptation.

The new take on “Lost in Space” is slated for a 2018 premiere.

Source: Deadline