Park On A Possible 3D “Wallace & Gromit”

“Wallace and Gromit” creator Nick Park tells The BBC that there were, at one time, plans to do an IMAX 3D “Wallace and Gromit” project.

A big fan of the current wave of 3D films, Park said “I’d like to see a 3D Plasticine animation – I think it would really suit it. In a way I’ve been a bit sceptical, but I have a feature idea up my sleeve which I’m thinking might be 3D” in the interview ahead of this weekend’s Oscars where his W&G short “A Matter of Loaf and Death” is nominated.

In fact he and Aardman Studios have already looked into the possibility – “When I first saw 3D coming in I had quite an appetite to do a 3D film. We were even planning to do an IMAX Wallace and Gromit at one point in 3D but for some reason financially that got shelved.”

Somehow I get the feeling it will happen one day.