Chan-Wook Adapts Le Carre’s “Little Drummer Girl”

Following his lesbian sex soaked, multiple reversal-filled and lavish period drama “The Handmaiden” last year, filmmaker Park Chan-Wook is following in the footsteps of many before him – he’s joining the Golden Age of television.

Park has signed on to direct “The Little Drummer Girl,” a six-part event series adaptation of John le Carre’s spy novel for the BBC and AMC. “Lady Macbeth” star Florence Pugh will lead the miniseries as an aspiring actress escaping England’s bourgeois dreariness for a holiday in Mykonos.

Then a handsome stranger lures her away – he’s an Israeli intelligence officer and she will be used to flush out the leader of a Palestinian terrorist group responsible for a string of deadly bombings. Still uncertain of her own allegiances, she debuts in the role of a lifetime as a double agent in the ‘theatre of the real’.

Filming begins in early 2018 with BBC to air it in the UK and AMC in the U.S., basically the same arrangement used by another recent event series adaptation of a le Carre work – “The Night Manager”.

Source: The Daily Mail