Paris Hilton Takes In Some Opera

Paris Hilton has joined Alexa Vega and Paul Sorvino in the cast of “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” a full-blown musical futuristic thriller co-financed by “Saw” makers Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate reports Variety.

Hilton, in her first film job since her brief jail stint, will sing in a film framed around musical numbers that range from opera to rock. The setting is 2056, when a plague nearly destroys the human race and survival is dependent upon being able to finance a pricey organ transplant.

Hilton plays a daughter of the organ transplant magnate (Sorvino) who is the villain of the piece. Darren Lynn Bousman (“Saw 2-4”) has spent several years working on the movie version of an opera hatched with screenwriter-composers Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich.