Paramount Undergoes Another Shake-Up

Paramount Pictures president Gail Berman stepped down Wednesday, the first part of CEO Brad Grey’s plan to split the studio into four distinct labels.

The new divisions include DreamWorks, run by co-chairman Stacey Snider; MTV Films/Nickelodeon Movies, run by Scott Aversano; Paramount Pictures, run by Brad Weston; and Paramount Vantage, run by president John Lesher. Each president will now report directly to Grey.

Co-president of production Allison Shearmur also plans to leave the studio immediately, turning one of the most female-driven executive studios into essentially an all boys club.

The DreamWorks and Paramount divisions will supply six to eight pictures a year for the studio, MTV/Nick will set four to six, and Vantage around seven to ten – an impressive grand total of around thirty pictures a year.