Paramount Plans A “Jack Reacher” Sequel

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions are set to move forward with the “Jack Reacher” franchise.

The eighteenth and most recent book in the series, “Never Go Back,” will form the basis of this follow-up to 2012’s well-received adaptation of Lee Child’s bestselling novel series.

In this entry, Reacher (Tom Cruise) heads back to the northeastern Virginia headquarters of the elite military police unit he once ran to have a dinner with the woman now in his old job, Major Susan Turner.

When he gets there it all goes to hell – Turner has been arrested while he faces a homicide charge, a paternity suit, and the military using a legal loophole to demand he go back into the Army.

There was hope that the studio might try and get the film done before filming “Mission: Impossible 5,” but that plan has been scrapped.

They still intend to fast track this next instalment though with writers currently being sought. Chris McQuarrie, who adapted and directed “Jack Reacher,” is too busy with MI5 prep to pen the script. However, both Cruise and Paramount hope he’ll return to direct the ‘Reacher’ sequel.

The first film cost a quite modest $57 million, and went on to gross $218 million worldwide at the box-office along with doing very good business on disc and cable.

Source: Deadline