Paramount Plans 3D Return To “The Ring”

Paramount Pictures is moving forward with a 3D third installment in “The Ring” supernatural horror franchise reports Heat Vision.

The original 2002 thriller “The Ring”, based on the popular Japanese “Ringu” horror movie franchise, was both a critical and commercial success that gave a major boost to the careers of star Naomi Watts and director Gore Verbinski (who went on to helm the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films).

It also ushered in a wave of PG-13 Asian horror film remakes like “The Grudge”. However poor reviews and waning box-office for both the ‘Ring’ and ‘Grudge’ sequels as well as the critically reviled likes of “Shutter,” “Dark Water,” “Pulse,” “Mirrors,” “The Eye” and “One Missed Call” essentially ended the craze shortly after it started.

David Loucka (“Dream House”) will pen the script for “Ring 3D” which will be more ‘teen-centric’ and will serve as more of a reboot/reinvention. A haunted Blu-ray perhaps?

Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are in negotiations to return as producers. No director is yet set.