Paramount Opens “Hasbro Factory”

Not satisfied with the various film spin-offs it currently has in development, game and toy manufacturer Hasbro plans to do for the format what “The Avengers” is doing for Marvel comic heroes – a team-up movie.

Pajiba reports that Paramount Pictures and Hasbro are developing “Hasbro Factory”, a film described as “‘Night at the Museum’ inside a Hasbro Factory”, and the project is currently out to writers.

The move makes some sense, a project like this allows the company to exploit the lesser-known works of the company which don’t warrant full films themselves. These could mean anything from My Little Pony and the Cabbage Patch Kids, to Lite Brite, Zoids and even Play-Doh.

The film joins a long list of game/toy-to-film adaptations in development including Battleship, Micronauts, Risk, Stretch Armstrong, Ouija, Candy Land, M.A.S.K. and Clue.