Paramount Acquires “Demon Camp” Rights

Paramount Pictures is planning a military drama that ties back to events portrayed in Universal’s “Lone Survivor”.

Paramount has acquired Jennifer Percy’s non-fiction novel “Demon Camp: A Soldier’s Exorcism” with plans for a film adaptation to be produced by Montecito Pictures. Sarah Cornwell will write the script.

‘Demon’ follows machine gunner Caleb Daniels who lost his best friend and seven members of his unit to a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. The group were on a rescue mission to save Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and the other SEALS during their famed ill-fated mission portrayed in “Lone Survivor”.

Daniels returns to the U.S., struggling with PTSD and hallucinations of his dead friends. He eventually joins a Christian exorcism camp in Georgia that promises deliverance from the demons of war.

Source: THR