Paradise Lost In Budget Difficulties

A month to go before production was slated to begin and Legendary Pictures has put a stop to Alex Proyas’ film adaptation of John Milton’s theological war epic poem “Paradise Lost” says Deadline.

The sudden halt is a shock. Pre-production has been in full swing for months while a full cast including Bradley Cooper, Benjamin Walker, Camilla Belle and Casey Affleck had all signed on. Film crews in Sydney, Australia were all set for a shoot at Fox Studios and have just been informed of the postponement.

The reason? Money of course. Legendary insists the film isn’t scrapped, rather the project will be reworked to bring the budget down (much like Disney’s decidedly more costly “The Lone Ranger”). Paradise Lost’s $120 million budget was apparently already exceeding those estimates by 10-15% due to the extensive green screen work and VFX involved in creating the story of Lucifer’s fall from grace and the war between the forces of heaven and hell.

A new start date hasn’t been announced yet but it’s expected to move forward sometime after Easter, more likely sometime around mid-year.