Papa Midnite To Take On “Constantine”

New details on NBC’s upcoming pilot “Constantine,” the series adaptation of the “Hellblazer” comics, confirms the show is going to be set in New York City.

Welsh actor Matt Ryan stars as John Constantine in the show while the character of Papa Midnite is set to become a key element of the new series with his first appearance in the pilot episode.

Djimon Hounsou played Papa Midnite in the 2005 film “Constantine,” however the TV version has not yet been cast. In the comics he’s an immortal mob boss with powers of voodoo and necromancy.

The Ravenscar Psychiatric Hospital, located in the U.K., will be shifted to New York for the series. Also Chas, the taxi driver who works for Constantine, will be a middle-aged character in the series (Shia LaBeouf played him in the 2005 film).

Source: Bleeding Cool