Panda Tops, “Jane” Flops At Box-Office

The third film in the “Kung Fu Panda” franchise topped the U.S. weekend box-office this week with an estimated $41 million and a strong $10,367 per screen average.

That’s the third best January opening of all time, but a slip down from the $60.2 million and $47.7 million opening weekend hauls of the first two films in the series. Internationally the film earned a further $75 million, most of which came from China ($57M).

The DiCaprio survival drama “The Revenant” earned a further $12.4 million for a total of $138.2 million, holding fairly steady. Same with Disney’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which scored a $10.8 million domestic and a $12.6 million international haul this weekend. The film now stands at $895.4 million in North America and $1.087 billion overseas.

Other newcomers this weekend included the coast guard rescue drama “The Finest Hours” which debuted in fourth place with a weak $10.3 million, and the parody “Fifty Shades of Black” which came in ninth with $6.2 million. With the latter costing just $5 million to make though, it’s not going to hurt much.

Both fared far better than the Natalie Portman western “Jane Got a Gun” which pulled in just $803,000 in its opening weekend on over 1,200 screens – giving it a $664 per screen average. It is the worst wide debut in Portman’s career. Also this weekend, crowd-funded Youtube-inspired film “Lazer Team” debuted on 35 screens and pulled in a decent $114,950.

Source: Box-Office Mojo