Pan Scribe Confirms “Lobo” Involvement

“Pan” writer Jason Fuchs has confirmed a report from back in March that he’s working on the script for a film based on the DC Comics anti-hero Lobo.

Posting on his Instagram account today, Fuchs says the story will be using the original foul-mouthed alien bounty hunter rather than the newer version featured over the last several years. He also included a hastag which indicates he’s reading the “Lobo: Portrait of a Bastich” trade paperback.

In the comics Lobo is a Czarnian, whose natural abilities include super strength, enhanced healing and immortality. Traveling across the galaxy to capture criminals or anyone else with a bounty on their heads, the biker badass loves cigars and getting into brawls with Superman and other powerful people.

Fuchs also penned the upcoming “Wonder Woman” film which has already wrapped production.


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