Pam Unhappy About “Baywatch” Film

While Dwayne Johnson may be ecstatic about the action-comedy toned film version of classic 1990s TV series “Baywatch” in which he’s set to star, the show’s most iconic actress isn’t as thrilled with the idea.

Pamela Anderson, who made her name in a red swimsuit on the series, tells TMZ she’s not a fan of the big screen reboot in the works saying “No one appreciates the remakes”.

The online publication says “Pam goes on to say Baywatch was the best time of her life but the 90’s were a ‘simpler, sweeter time’ for TV, it won’t work on the big screen in 2015.” She was also asked if the producers asked her to be part of the new movie – apparently they haven’t asked her yet according to the report.

Zac Efron also stars in the film which will be R-rated. Anderson’s co-star David Hasselhoff has been rumored to be in talks to appear in the movie, and potentially for more than just a cameo, but hasn’t signed as yet.