Paltrow Loves Transsexual “Danish Girl”

Gwyneth Paltrow has joined the cast of transsexual artist drama “The Danish Girl” for Pretty Pictures, Harrison Productions and Blossom Films reports Variety.

Based on the non-fiction novel by David Ebershoff, Paltrow plays Greta Wegener, a portrait painter in 1920s Copenhagen who asked her husband Einar to stand in for an absent female model.

Slipping on a dress, stockings and woman’s shoes began a metamorphosis into Lili. When the photos became wildly popular, Greta encouraged her husband to do more.

The harmless game evolved into something deeper – the landmark 1931 first sex-change operation that shocked the world and threatened their marriage. Greta finally let go when she realized the man she married no lnger exists.

Nicole Kidman had already been attached to play Einar. Thomas Alfredson (“Let the Right One In”) is directing from a script by Lucinda Coxon.

Kidman, Gail Mutrux, Per Saari, Anne Harrison and Linda Reisman are producing.