Paget Brewster Is Della Duck In “DuckTales”

Paget Brewster Is Della Duck In Ducktales

“Criminal Minds” star Paget Brewster is set to become a fully fledged recurring star on the next season of Disney’s “DuckTales” reboot, reprising the role she briefly played in the first season finale.

Brewster plays Della Duck, the long-missing mother of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Della is the twin sister of Donald Duck and they were Scrooge McDuck’s original companions for his international adventures.

Della was first mentioned in the 1930s, but DuckTales is the first time that she has ever played a major role in a story. In the closing moments of the first season finale, we learn she was stranded on the moon with no way to return or contact her family.

Source: TV Line