Padilha Talks The Failure Of “Robocop”

Every other month it seems, a non-U.S. filmmaker takes their shot at a Hollywood film. In early 2014, “Elite Squad” and “Narcos” director Jose Padilha had his go with the reboot of “RoboCop” which sadly failed both critically and commercially.

From all reports during production, the film itself was a victim of compromised vision along with studio politics and economics. The very R-rated franchise tried to go PG-13 to appeal to a wider demographic and failed to find its target.

A few years on, Padilha has reflected on the experience with Screen Daily and from the sounds of it he’s in no hurry to return to Hollywood studio or blockbuster filmmaking any time soon:

“I didn’t have the creative freedom I needed. I spent 90% of the time fighting. It made me realize that making a studio movie is not the same as making a film. I will think a million times before getting involved in another production of that size again. I got into this Hollywood business thinking that I could make the film I wanted, with my cinema criteria. My mistake. I’d rather face the reality than make movies about superheroes.”

The film failed domestically with just a $58 million gross from a $100 million budget, but made a further $184 million overseas which mitigated some of the losses.