Padilha Helms Ludlum’s “Sigma Protocol”

Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear winner Jose Padilha (“Elite Squad”) is set to helm the international thriller “The Sigma Protocol” for Universal Pictures says The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on the final completed novel of the late “Bourne Identity” author Robert Ludlum, the 2001 thriller follows the son of a Holocaust survivor who gets entangled in an international conspiracy by industrialists and financiers to take advantage of wartime technology that reverses aging .

“Iron Man” co-writers Matt Holloway and Art Marcum are penning the script which will update the novel, use the current economic climate and make the protagonist a Wall Street type who specializes in the economy of catastrophic events, known as “black swan events.”

Shooting will kick off in the Summer in various European locations. Padilha is also attached to direct the thriller “The Willing Patriot” for Warner Bros. and the drug tale “Marching Powder” for Plan B.