Pacino, De Palma Re-Team On “Valley”

“Scarface” director Brian De Palma and actor Al Pacino are re-teaming for the biopic “Happy Valley” about Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno.

The iconic and beloved coach spent his life building a successful and cherished football program, and he was considered the most successful coach in college football history.

His reputation collapsed when it came to light that he and others in the football program were aware that former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was a prolific pedophile.

They did little to stop his actions in fear of bad publicity over the program, allowing Sandusky to continue molesting boys for years. When he was caught, Sandusky was found guilty on 45 counts of sexual abuse.

Paterno was fired, his program crushed, a fabled statue of him was torn down, and he was stripped of his wins going back to the coverup.

Dave McKenna (American History X and Blow) is closing a deal to write the script based on Joe Posnanski’s best-selling book “Paterno.” Edward R. Pressman (“Wall Street”) is producing.

Source: Deadline