P.T. Anderson, Downey Team On “Pinocchio”

In an intriguing match-up, “There Will Be Blood” and “Inherent Vice” helmer Paul Thomas Anderson has come onboard to pen a script draft and potentially direct a new adaptation of “Pinocchio” at Warner Bros. Pictures and Team Downey.

“The Giver” writer Michael Mitnick penned the latest draft of the script which Robert Downey Jr. has been quietly tweaking for the past six months. Downey is slated to star as Geppetto in the film and has been developing the project for years.

The film will re-tell the classic story about a wooden puppet who wants to become a human boy, and has taken on new urgency at Warners in the wake of success stories like “Maleficent” and “Cinderella” over at Disney.

“Hannibal” show runner Bryan Fuller and “X-Men: First Class” scribe Jane Goldman both penned earlier drafts of the script based on the novel by Carlo Collodi.

The teaming of Anderson and Downey isn’t unusual. Downey was previously going to star in “Inherent Vice” for Anderson but had to drop out due to his “Avengers: Age of Ultron” commitments.

Source: Heat Vision