Owen Wilson Takes Farrelly’s “Hall Pass”

Owen Wilson has signed and Jason Sudeikis is in negotiations to co-star in the Farrelly brothers comedy “Hall Pass” which New Line just picked up from turnaround at Fox says The Hollywood Reporter.

Pete Jones’ script centers on a married couple who find themselves in a lull in their marriage and just going through the motions. The wife then gives her husband (Wilson) a “hall pass,” a free ticket to engage in extramarital encounters.

Sudeikis would play the guy’s best friend, who also gets a free pass. Kevin Barnett and Peter and Bobby Farrelly re-wrote the script with the Farrellys producing and directing. Filming kicks off February 23rd in Atlanta.

The pair’s “Three Stooges” film at MGM apparently has Sean Penn involved once again to play Larry says The Boston Herald, though with the studio ownership still undecided the project still has a long way to go.