Overture Picks Up “Brooklyn’s Finest”

Overture Films is closing a deal to acquire the U.S. rights to Antoine Fuqua’s police-themed action-thriller “Brooklyn’s Finest” says Variety.

The story follows three Brooklyn cops who end up at the same deadly location after experiencing diverging career paths. Michael C. Martin penned the script.

Senator purchased the film at Sundance in January for around $4 million but wasn’t able to get the funds together to release it this year, effectively putting it back on the market.

A new edit of the film screened last week at the Venice Film Festival and Overture snapped it up for around $2 million.

Elie Cohn, Basil Iwanyk, John Langley, Avi Lerner and John Thompson produced the film. Overture is releasing several films in coming weeks including George Clooney satire “The Men Who Stare at Goats,” Michael Moore’s new doco “Capitalism: A Love Story” and sci-fi horror flick “Pandorum”.