Overkill’s “Walking Dead” Video Game Trailer

When it comes to the video game spin-offs of “The Walking Dead” franchise, Telltale Games’ episodic narrative ‘seasons’ have been the go to place, one that comes to an end next year.

Fret not fans, as someone else is taking up the mantle – “Payday” creators Overkill who have released the first trailer for their game based on the franchise which they’ve been working on for almost four years.

The clip focuses on Aidan, a downtrodden Washington D.C. businessman caught in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Seeming to be a sole survivor, Aidan is trapped among the shuffling corpses of the undead but making his way in the end of the world.

Like “Payday,” Overkill’s “The Walking Dead” follows four lead characters – though the other three haven’t been revealed as yet. The plan for now is for a Fall 2018 release.