Over 60 Directors Have Met For “Black Widow”

Marvel Studios is getting serious about its “Black Widow” solo film it would seem. The studio recently put the project in development and brought screenwriter Jac Schaeffer onboard to pen the script.

Now comes word from The Playlist that the studio has met with no less than 60 directors for the gig, far more than the three revealed so far – Deniz Gamze Erguven (“Mustang”), Chloe Zhao (“The Rider”) and Amma Asante (“A United Kingdom”).

Though there’s been talk of a prequel looking at how Natasha Romanoff became a Russian spy and then eventually defected to the U.S., more recent theories is that it will be more of a contemporary team-up film such as the “Captain America” sequels with several other key heroes lending their support.

Marvel hasn’t yet set a date for the film, though it’s very likely to be a Phase 4 title at this point which would see it out in 2020 or 2021.