Outlander Renewed For Two More Seasons

Starz has renewed its critically-acclaimed time travel romantic period drama “Outlander” for two more seasons which will cover the third and fourth novels in Diana Gabaldon’s novel series.

The announcement came today, halfway through the show’s second season run. The novels “Voyager” and “Drums of Autumn” will be adapted for the screen – taking viewers effectively to the halfway point with Gabaldon having penned eight titles in the series so far which have sold 26 million copies worldwide.

The renewal does not include a set episode count or air date, both of which are anyone’s guess. The first season was sixteen episodes split into two batches of eight and aired nearly a year apart, the second season is a single batch of thirteen episodes which began airing over a year after the first season finale.

The second season has been outperforming the first in early time-shifting data, averaging five million multiplatform viewers per episode. The show has also drummed up controversy with two graphic and extended depictions of male-on-male rape.

Source: The Live Feed