Ouija, “Scarface” Remake Get New Scribes

“Fright Night” scribe Marti Noxon has been hired to work on the script for Hasbro and Platinum Dunes’ “Ouija” film adaptation reports Heat Vision.

Despite Universal Pictures dropping out back in August, the “Jumanji”-esque family fantasy tentpole adaptation of the board game remains active at the production company. Noxon, who got her start working on the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV series, will do a new pass on the script which was last worked on by Simon Kinberg.

Meanwhile “Training Day” writer David Ayer has signed on to pen the latest remake of “Scarface” at Universal. The new film will combine elements of the 1932 original, Brian de Palma’s 1983 remake whilst setting it all in a modern crime world.

Ayer tells Deadline that he has no plans to do a straight up remake of the 1983 film. Instead he’ll use the universal elements from both films – “a specificity of place, there was unapologetic violence, and a main character who socially scared the shit out of people, but who had his own moral cod . Each was faithful to the underworld of its time.”