Other Woman To Top “Winter Soldier”

After three weeks at the top, Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” looks set to be finally knocked off the top position by Fox’s female-driven comedy “The Other Woman”.

‘Woman’ pulled in $9.6 million on Friday and is headed towards a $25.4 million weekend, whilst ‘Winter Soldier’ came in second with $4.4 million on Friday headed for a $14.8 million weekend.

Whilst ‘Woman’ is going strong, the two other new wide releases this week haven’t gone as well. The Paul Walker-led parkour action film “Brick Mansions” came in fifth on Friday with $3.2 million and is headed for a respectable $8.9 million weekend.

Horror tale ‘The Quiet Ones’ was seventh with $1.5 million on Friday and headed for a dismal $3.8 million weekend. Both films aren’t that expensive so the loss won’t have much impact.

Sony’s “Heaven Is For Real” came in third with $4 million on Friday and is headed for a $13.8 million weekend, down just 39% from last week’s better than expiated opening.

“Rio 2” was fourth with $3.3 million on Friday ahead of a likely $13 million weekend. Big budget sci-fi film “Transcendence” came in sixth with just $1.5 million on Friday and a likely $4.7 million weekend.

Source: Deadline