Oscar Isaac Plays WW2 Spy In “Garbo Network”

Oscar Isaac is set to play Juan Pujol Garcia, an eccentric double-agent with no military or covert training, in the WW2-era thriller “The Garbo Network”.

Garcia persuaded both the Germans and the British to hire him as a spy, with his real allegiance to the MI-5. He created a fictional network of twenty seven spies which he told the Germans were spread out over the UK, supplying him with critical information about British troop movements.

In reality, he made the whole thing up – but it proved a turning point in the war which enabled the English to deceive the Germans about the invasion of Normandy.

He remains the only man in history to receive the honors of the German Iron Cross and the Member of the Order of the British Empire. William Wheeler wrote the script and a director is not yet attached to the project.

Bob Cooper, Richard Saperstein, Chuck Weinstock, Jason Spire and Isaac are producing.

Source: THR