Orson Welles’ “Wind” To Blow At Last?

A previously unreleased project from filmmaking legend Orson Welles may soon see the silver screen.

The Guardian reports that Welles’ “The Other Side of the Wind” is closer to a resolving an ownership dispute that has kept it from exhibition. The film itself began shooting in 1969.

Oscar winner John Huston stars as Jake Hannaford, an aging Hollywood director modeled on Ernest Hemingway. The story uses Hannaford’s 70th birthday party and conversations there as the central framing device for a non-linear narrative exploring his life.

Most of the film was shot in Peter Bogdanovich’s own Beverly Hills house. Producer Jacqueline Boushehri, and co-star/co-writer/Welles’ former lover, Oja Kodar, are both now prepared to sell their interests in the film, giving hope it will see an eventual release.