Orlando Bloom Returns For “The Hobbit”

Though he hasn’t officially signed on at this time, actor Orlando Bloom is said to be in talks to reprise his “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy role of Legolas in “The Hobbit” reports Deadline.

The elfin archer doesn’t appear in Tolkien’s “Hobbit” novel, but the character’s inclusion here is said to be more significant than just a cameo. If he signs he’d join Cate Blanchett as another original ‘Rings’ cast member reprising their character despite it not appearing in “The Hobbit” novel.

Aside from a brief appearance in the anthology feature “New York I Love You” last year, Bloom hasn’t been seen on the big screen since 2007’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”. The actor hasn’t stopped working and has four films scheduled for release sometime in 2011.

Two (“Sympathy for Delicious,” “Main Street”) have already seen festival premieres, a third (“The Good Doctor”) will make its debut at Sundance next month, and the fourth (“The Three Musketeers”) is already set for a late Summer wide release.