Orlando Bloom In Superman Sequel?

The idea of Orlando Bloom in a pair of little red speedos has just made half the readers of this column suddenly go to a happy place.

Seems that the 30-year-old British hunk was spotted at the Tower Bar restaurant in Hollywood with “Superman Returns” producers Mindy and Jon Peters and the movie’s director, Bryan Singer.

Big deal, he was probably there with girlfriend Kate Bosworth right? According to Just Jared no, seems Bloom was actually there to talk business – more specifically a role in the upcoming sequel “Superman: The Man of Steel.”

What that role might be is unknown has lent itself to frenzied Net chatter. With Routh signed for several films, some have said villain. Others have speculated that it’s as Lois Lane’s new love interest (makes the most sense). Logically it seems the four just enjoyed a good lunch and all this talk is bull crap.