Original Cybermen Return To “Doctor Who”

Since the return of “Doctor Who” in 2005, the only Cybermen we’ve seen walking around on screen have been a version first introduced as coming from a parallel universe. There’s been tweaks to the design since, but otherwise they’ve remained the same.

Now though the original Cybermen, the Mondasian Cybermen, are back. The BBC have released a new photo of the return of the original cyborg aliens that first appeared in William Hartnell’s final Doctor Who story “The Tenth Planet” in 1966.

Unlike the pure robot “Iron Man”-esque current takes, the original versions are meant to be a mix of flesh bodies with cybernetic parts. These old foes will appear in episodes 11 and 12 of Peter Capaldi’s final season which is set to begin on BBC One and BBC America on April 15th.