Orci Talks “Star Trek 2” Script Plans

“Star Trek” and “Transformers” scribe Roberto Orci was on hand at WonderCon over the weekend to talk about “Cowboys and Aliens”. However inevitable questions were raised about the “Star Trek” sequel which he and writing partner Alex Kurtzman have been scripting.

The surprising news is that the pair have been reading a lot of the online feedback to the first film and plan to acknowledge the nitpicks people had with the first film in the sequel. One big issue? The ease with which Kirk became Captain – “Everyone said [Kirk] is too young to become Captain. So maybe in the next movie, somebody goes, ‘Man, you sure became Captain young and fast.’ You start to incorporate people’s opinions… If it’s organic to the story and you find someone who doesn’t think too highly of Kirk because he maybe skipped a few steps, that’s maybe a fun thing to consider. That comes from a fan reaction and maybe gives you a story point” Orci tells Coming Soon.

He goes on to say “[Fans] wanted more character time with everybody, and because that was an origin story for ‘Star Trek,’ everyone had to come in at a certain point. Now everyone is going to be there from the beginning, so they’re going to get that. Everyone sure hated engineering. They thought it looked like a brewery, which it was. I’ll pass that on to J.J. [Abrams] and see what he says.”

Unlike the first film where they couldn’t touch the script during filming due to the writer’s strike, this time Orci expects he’ll be working on the film right through production – “We’ll be working and tweaking that story through shooting. This time we don’t have a strike, so we’ll actually be able to change things on the set. On the last movie, we handed in the script and that was it. You couldn’t change a word. This one feels like we’ve got all the time in the world.”