Orci Responds To “Star Trek 3” Rumors

Last week came talk that Roberto Orci has been booted off as director of the upcoming third “Star Trek” film at Paramount Pictures.

Shortly after, rumors began to emerge about the split, and talk was that Paramount wasn’t happy with the script that was turned in by Orci, J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay and they may be starting afresh. Said script was rumored to involve the Vulcans attempting to use time travel to prevent their planet from being destroyed.

Orci himself has been leaving several comments on the message boards of TrekMovie.com about his departure and says he’s still involved in the film:

“I will be very involved:) Still excited to make Trek 3! And on time. We’ll find the right director! No time travel was ever considered, fyi.”

One fan reminded Orci of the famous Captain Kirk quote: “Don’t let them do ANYTHING to take you out of that chairs. Because while you’re there, you can make a difference”. Orci’s response was surprising, and suggests he may be linked to an even bigger project:

“Have not forgotten. On the contrary, factored into decision. Their are bigger chairs to consider.”