Orci On The Transformers Sequel

“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” co-screenwriter Roberto Orci has talked with TFW2005 about how the film’s production is going and what to expect in the sequel.

One promising remark – “The first movie is all about the mystery and reveal of the Transformers as a concept and a species, which means we had to hide them a lot in the first hour. In the second movie, now that everyone believes in the universe, we can jump right into the world of the Transformers. The first movie was meant to be somewhat of a mystery. For the sequel, we need an entirely different structure and paradigm for the movie, and we can’t rely on it being the first.”

There’s also a more comedic bent – “We were emulating the style of movie from the old Amblin days, like Back to the Future and Gremlins. Also, comedy makes things more accessible to a larger audience.” A theme of the film is the responsibilities you face when being away from home.

More set photos are up of Shia LaBeouf with his hand injury on the set. Of the injury, Orci says “Luckily nothing has to be reshot. Yes, we were on set last week to write it into the movie, not because it’s absolutely necessary, but more because we want to make sure Shia’s hand is protected for the remainder of the shoot.”

The sequel is going to be about the same time runtime and a PG-13 rating, but will have more of a global feel, will be darker, and will incorporate several things they wanted to do in the first film but dropped due to budget constraints.

Marketing will begin its big push in November and a teaser trailer will be out before year’s end.