Open Road Films Acquires “Arctic Justice”

Open Road Films has acquired U.S. rights to the 3D CG-animated family feature “Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad” at AMBI Media Group.

Aaron Woodley helms the film in which Jeremy Renner voices Swifty, an arctic fox who dreams of joining a team of huskies that deliver packages for the Arctic Blast Delivery Service.

To prove himself, he secretly commandeers a delivery sled to takes a mysterious package to a secret, icy, fortress where he comes face to face with the evil genius Doc Walrus (John Cleese) and his loyal army of oddly polite puffins. Walrus plans to melt the polar ice caps, flood the planet and become king of the world.

Swifty must enlist the help of his friends including an introverted polar bear (Alec Baldwin), a scatter-brained albatross (James Franco), two conspiracy theorist otters (Omar Sy and Heidi Klum), and a tough red fox mechanic named Jade (Anjelica Huston) whom Swifty has a secret crush on.

Aaron Woodley helms the project which will score a wide release in 2018.

Source: Deadline