Ontkean, Horse Return To “Twin Peaks”?

Following last week’s announcement of Showtime’s planned revival of “Twin Peaks” to air in 2016, speculation has quickly followed as to which members of the original show’s cast might be returning.

Series lead Kyle MacLachlan hinted on social media about his return, and now a former actor in the show has suggested MacLachlan’s on screen partner may be be joining him. Michael Horse, who played Deputy Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill on the show, tells Alternative Nation that the character of Sheriff Harry S. Truman (played by Michael Ontkean) figures into the new run:

“I already heard they are [getting Michael Ontkean back], that’s what I heard. But it’s going to be really interesting. They’re going to get some new characters, they’re going to get some young girls, that’s sort of the eye of these guys. But what happened to these characters 25 years later is going to be really interesting to the fans.”

In the series, Ontkean’s Truman and MacLachlan’s Dale Cooper lead up the investigation into the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). Horse also says David Lynch reached out to him recently but missed the call. He hopes Lynch wants him involved though:

“David’s assistant called, he was trying to get a call from me in Paris to talk to me. I figured either David was going to say we’re doing it again, but sorry we’re not going to use you (laughs), he’s that sweet of a guy… Like I said, I’ve got such respect for David as an artist. If David didn’t use me, I’d be disappointed, but not upset. What David sees is what David sees.”

Production on the new series of “Twin Peaks” is expected to begin next year.