Only A Few Films Left For Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese has had one hell of a career, giving us nearly two dozen narrative features in the past fifty years – and that’s not even counting the various documentaries, shorts, TV episodes, and commercials he’s also put out in that time. Now though, the iconic filmmaker’s career may be coming to an end.

Appearing at the Marrakech Film Festival, the master filmmaker admits (via The Playlist) that he only has few more films left in him:

“I have the desire to make many films, but as of now, I’m 71 and there’s only a couple more left if I get to make them. I miss the time when I had the desire to experiment and try different kinds of films, I miss that time, but that’s done, it’s over.”

In fact, he says that he would have already given up over a decade ago if it hadn’t been for one man – Leonardo DiCaprio.

“He regenerated my enthusiasm for making films. Mainly because, as you get older, it gets physically difficult and also the business especially – the financial issues. You’re responsible for a lot of money, if you get it. it’s all pressure, but can you do it? His enthusiasm and excitement really kept me going, for another five pictures now.”

In a surprising admission, he also says obligation rather than interest have been the key factor behind several of his more recent works:

“Over the past few years now I’ve been trapped in a couple of films. Where because I agreed at first, I found that the circumstances whether they were financial, executive situations at studios or physical difficulties I tried to get out, but I couldn’t, and I had to make the movie. And then it was a matter of making something really special. I really have to find a way to stay really in there and stay interested and find something special. That happened a couple of times in the last 10 years.”

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