Olyphant Talks Die, Hitman & More

Out doing promotions for the romantic comedy “Catch and Release”, actor Timothy Olyphant talked with Coming Soon about his upcoming roles.

First off his villain in this Summer’s “Live Free or Die Hard” is “a guy who used to work for the government and warned them of this possibility [cyber-terrorism] and is now carrying it out… There’s something that feels a little bit more unstable about a person who would do that kind of a thing. The ouch doesn’t really match the pinch. It was a guy whose career was ruined and is now saying ‘I told you so.'”

Olyphant said that he’s had talks about playing the title role in the adaptation of Eidos video game “Hitman”, but that it’s not confirmed. “I don’t think I’ve ever been officially attached to it contrary to the internet. It sounds fun. It sounds pretty cool. I’ve seen the pictures. I’ve never played the game but it looks cool. Lord knows what I’d look like when this hair comes off. It’s a major concern”.

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