Olivia Wilde for “Tron Legacy”

It was a busy Comic-Con for actress on-the-rise Olivia Wilde. She’s finally hitting the home stretch of her long ride aboard “Tron Legacy” as Quorra and is now shooting Favreau’s “Cowboys & Aliens” with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in New Mexico.

Dark Horizons spoke exclusively with the actress about her wild ride at the center of geekdom over the past few years. “It’s an entirely different experience,” says Wilde. “Both of them have been life changing and I’m very proud of both.”

“Tron just felt like a revolution. It was born here [at Comic-Con]. We talked about it in the panel the other day. There would be no ‘Tron Legacy’ if not for Hall H three years ago when Joe Kosinski brought a tiny bit of test footage and the response was so wildly positive that the studio green-lit the film. We owe Tron to Comic-Con, so it’s a big deal for us.”

Shortly after stepping out of the neon lights of Tron’s techno world, Wilde went the polar opposite direction en route to the old west for “Cowboys & Aliens”. “Doing a western is kind of a right of passage as an actor and especially as an American actor,” says the actress. “It feels really interesting to be doing something that represents everything about this country and American cinema. And being able to do it with people that really understand that genre; [we’ve got] Steven Spielberg, who knows Sci-Fi; Ron Howard, who knows the Western; Jon Favreau, who knows how to make a kick-ass movie and communicate with actors. And we’ve got this amazing cast. Doing Cowboys Vs. Aliens has been breaking a lot of boundaries for me.”

2010 marks the third straight Comic-Con for “Tron Legacy”, which had its biggest presence yet. Wilde promises Cowboys will also return to the Con next year to showcase even more just before its theatrical release July 29, 2011. “This year was a big year for [Tron],” Wilde tells DH. “And this year was only the beginning for Cowboys Vs. Aliens. We’ll be back next year with much more.”