Olivia Colman On Snogging Rachel Weisz

Olivia Colman On Snogging Rachel Weisz

There’s been concern and talk in recent months over the uncomfortableness of filming sex scenes on camera and the recent welcome creation of intimacy coordinators for major films and TV shows for those that require them. Even so, it’s nice to hear some acting veterans occasionally finding them silly fun.

“The Favourite” star and acting icon Olivia Colman, speaking on BBC radio program Sounds (via CinemaBlend), discussed her role as the somewhat mad Queen Anne in the darkly comic historical feature which sees her getting involved with her two female co-stars Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone.

Indeed Weisz’s Lady Sarah and Colman’s Anne have an obvious ongoing secret relationship before events of the film starts and so get fairly passionate and intimate at different points including some heavy make-out scenes. Colman says she had no problems kissing her co-star:

“I tend to try and avoid anything like [the sex scenes] because it makes me giggle. I get really embarrassed. But we had two or three weeks of rehearsals beforehand. So, we couldn’t be embarrassed in front of each other because we had rolled on the floor and giggled and eaten together and shared everything – become genuinely very good friends. So when we had to do this, it was like ‘Come on, we can do it.’ Snogging is fine, snogging Rachel Weisz is like you’ve won the lottery!”

Colman says the sex scene with Emma Stone was trickier because it was both more extreme and more technically complex: “The other bit, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it – being fingered by Emma Stone – that was on the verge. We really struggled with not giggling about that. Because there’s also a camera crew!”

All three actresses have received rave reviews for their work in the film, and the film itself has featured on many best of lists for the year with Colman considered a major contender for the Best Actress Oscar.